Introducing Ask EVA, your exceptional Virtual Assistant

Hi and welcome. I’m Katrina Flannery, the founder of Ask EVA, your executive virtual assistant.

We help startup businesses, tradespeople, busy consultants with their Office Admin Support, Social Media and Bookkeeping.

The idea is that you spend more time “growing” your business, instead of working “In” your business. Saving you time and helping you to make more money.

How do businesses save money by using Ask EVA?

Businesses use Ask EVA because they have a project they need completed, or simply because they don’t want the hassle of employing someone.

With Ask EVA you don’t pay for training, superannuation, workcover, for equipment such as desks, computers and telephones, annual leave or sick leave, coffee breaks and the expenses that go along with hiring people. You just pay for the time it takes to produce work on your behalf.

So a Virtual Assistant is a force to be reckoned with really.

They are a scalable and flexible resource. You are not locked in in any way and you stay in control.

Imagine what you could achieve if you were to gain 5 or 10 hours more in your work week?

So how does it work?

Well it depends on what you would like to delegate. We can quote for a project or you can pay by the hour and try us out. If you find that you’re using us on a regular basis, you can choose a monthly plan which comes with a discounted hourly rate.

We like to chat to you so that we can get an understanding of your business and the tasks that you would like to delegate, and learn more about your processes and how we can accommodate that or improve on it. It’s also a really good opportunity for you ask us any questions you might have.

You can find out more at where there are answers to frequently asked questions or you can request our price list, or feel welcome to give me a call and we can customise something to suit your needs.

Thanks for listening.

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